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Donnie speaking at TEDxROMA in Rome, Italy, on January 21st 2023" ©TEDxROMA

About Us


Constant Innovation is a venture studio founded and run by siblings Deborah and Donnie Lygonis together with Stephen Bracegirdle. We have been active on the Nordic startup scene since 1995 when we founded our first startup; children’s game publisher Romelix Interactive. Since then we have founded, supported and invested in more than 50 startups. As Senior Project Managers and Business Developers we have been part of major industrial projects all over Europe.

Today we focus our efforts on projects connected to social good and sustainability.

We are part of the Nordic Ignite Business Angel Network that supports early-stage companies (pre-seed) in the Nordics and Baltics.

If you are interested in investing in any of our projects, or booking us for speaking engagements, please get in touch below.

Our portfolio


CEO: Deborah Lygonis

HANDSHAKE: Make new friends from all over the world in a fun and safe online environment.

PITCH: Friendbase is an avatar based social network for young teenagers based on three elements; chat, create and play. The community is populated by users (13+) who meet to make new friends, take fun quizzes, learn and play games together. The team has a combined 60 years experience in the games industry.

VISION: To become a global platform for young teenagers all over the world.

MISSION: To make the online world a friendlier place.

WEB SITE: www.friendbase.com


CEO: Patrik Zayas

HANDSHAKE: Technology for safety and wellbeing for humans.

PITCH: Wavr Tech AB is leading the development of next level proactive health and safety services. Developing own proprietary technology to create the tools needed for understanding health risks and providing the means for changes. Initial markets are Scandinavia and Europe. Wavr are headquartered in Gothenburg with representation in Stockholm.

VISION: A world with less wear and tear on humans.

MISSION: Use technology to detect, visualize and prevent harmful actions and events.

WEB SITE: www.thebronsonproject.com

Craft Animations

Handshake: State-of-the-art 3D animation tools.

Pitch: Founded in 2006 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Craft Animations™ AB is a leading developer of professional 3D animation tools to help 3d animators create better and more natural animation results in a fraction of the time. Craft Animations are the creators of Craft Director Studio® and Craft CameraFx™.

Vision: To let anyone create professional life-like animations

Mission: To let the creatives focus on being creative, not on tedious animations.

Website: https://craftanimations.com


CEO:  Jenni Brozena

HANDSHAKE: Secure chain of custody in anti-doping using blockchain technology

PITCH: Validicity offers a solution for a complete secure chain of custody by combining digital and mechanical solutions (NFC/Blockchain/Packaging), creating a transparent and tamper-proof system. The first market segment is doping control in human sports followed by products for doping control for the equestrian sports and workplaces.

VISION: To be the global market leader of secure chain of custody

MISSION: Help keep sport free from doping and cheaters.

WEBSITE: www.validicity.com

Entrepreneurs Without Borders (EWB)

CHAIR: Donnie SC Lygonis

HANDSHAKE: Helping founders start and grow sustainable businesses.

PITCH: EWB is a business driven non-profit that aims to spread impact creating ideas faster by working with proven business models and scaling them through our franchising model over the world. We believe that all entrepreneurship should be sustainable, equal and socially responsible.

VISION:  1000 small businesses with 100 employees by 2030.

MISSION: Spread impact creating business ideas faster.

WEBSITE: www.ewb.world

Great Clarity

Handshake: Leadership for the conscious leader

Pitch: Great Clarity is a leadership development company that helps leaders of all ages and levels develop and evolve. With a strong focus on conscious leadership, self-awareness and constant personal development, the GC team works through books, courses and seminars to help leaders become their best selves.

Vision: To reach every leader

Mission: Better leadership, one leader at a time

Website: https://greatclarity.com

Mellanmål of Sweden

Handshake: Bringing the concept and culture of Mellanmål to America

Pitch: Mellanmål of Sweden is a US based company that imports and sells Swedish healthy snacks in the US. The idea is to introduce a healthier way of snacking, to move towards a healthier lifestyle that encourages activity, productivity and conscious choices.

Vision: To help America become healthier and happier

Mission: Bring Mellanmål to America

website: https://mellanmal.com


CEO: Jenny Rydebrink

HANDSHAKE: Turn gardening into the joy of growing.  Manage your garden, get inspiration & plant advice in one app.

PITCH: Gardenize is a mobile app that helps users succeed with gardening and plants. By documenting plants, garden beds and activities, the user has a single source of information to everything related to their garden, allotment or indoor plants. Additionally, the user has access to inspirational and educational text, video and audio in a continuously updated feed.

VISION:  The garderner’s number one digital tool

MISSION: Make gardening fun and organized

WEBSITE: www.gardenize.com

Oddbrain Games

CEO: Melika Sanati

HANDSHAKE: Hyper casual games for hyper casual moments

PITCH: Oddbrain Games is a game developer that develops hyper casual games, meaning mobile games that are easy-to-play with minimalistic user interfaces. Good clean fun with no deeper purpose than offering you a moment of distraction and entertainment.

VISION:  Fun at your fingertips

MISSION: Making fun and casual easy accessible games

WEBSITE: https://oddbraingames.com/

Our Team
Deborah B Lygonis
CEO Friendbase, Chair of Craft Animations, Validicity, Wavr Tech

Serial entrepreneur and seasoned board professional.

With over 20 years’ experience in founding and managing digital tech start-ups, Deborah has an extensive knowledge in the art of starting and growing a business, building communities and business development.

Current positions: CEO Friendbase, Chair of Craft Animations, Validicity, Wavr Tech

Get in touch with Deborah for board work and inspirational talks on entrepreneurship and management

Donnie spends his days at KTH Innovation in Stockholm, helping researchers and students realize their ideas. In addition to helping others, Donnie has also started a number of companies together with Deborah, some of them on display here on this site.

In 2016, Donnie founded the Entrepreneurs Without Borders Foundation to help founders around the world start and run sustainable companies. He has been active as a professional speaker since 2006, and has spoken on stages all over the world, including speaking at 5 separate TEDx events.

Read more about Donnie here: Donnie SC Lygonis

Book Donnie for talks on InnovationNew Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Stephen Bracegirdle

Stephen is an experienced Senior Project Manager & Certified Project Management Professional with PMI. He has worked in sectors such as Aeronautics, MedTech, Turbine Power Generation and Automotive, with roles in Product Development, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, and Aftermarket. Assignments include Project Manager Feature Verification & Validation and Project Manager Aftermarket Quality for Volvo Group Truck Technologies, and Supplier Quality Assurance for the GT24 & GT26 Turbine engine (Volvo).

Get in touch with Stephen for advanced project management assignments, quality assurance and talks and workshops on process development.

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